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It's been so hard lately trying to track down Mangle, I have spent so many hours wandering junkyards in hopes to find her, sure I have found the Toys but no luck yet on Mangle. It started to bother me that I was having such a hard time tracking down this one 'bot, everything was so wrong. I would spend an hour surfing the web looking for data on where she could of ended up but each time I get a lead it ends up being a waste of my time. It worried me that it was taking so long for me to get this far and I worried about Foxy, I left without telling him, nor did I think it was going to take this long to find her. 

Maybe i'll have more luck in the morning!

A long time ago there was a small little store out in the Midwest; they had gotten a robot to keep the kids busy while their mothers shopped. This robot was a cat named Kitten, she was programed to show kids how to sew and did every day; sometimes she’ll make dresses for the dolls that little girls brought in, and sometimes she’ll make cowboy vests for the little boys. She has spent many years there, watching the kids grow up; they would come in and show her the things they had made while they were gone. After many years no little kids came to see her, only the by- now adults came to see her. She slowly sank into a depression and it became something that the adults worried about. She was always so happy, but lately not too many mothers bring their kids to the store anymore. They watched as she stopped taking care of herself; sure they would brush her fur and tried but over time they had a hard time keeping her working, so when they heard about the Dinner that had other robots that wandered around, talking and playing with the kids they got a hold of the owner and asked if would take in Kitten. Kitten was shut down for a few days, and during that down time she was cleaned and fixed, her pure white coat glitters like it used to, so when she was powered back on and saw Freddy, Foxy, Chica and Bonnie standing before her, she was shocked to see something again. She had jumped off the cart that she was standing on to tackle Freddy. In the darkness she was even more alone and it stayed like that even when she was on, that is until the first little girl came up to her, holding a doll.

“Miss Kitty?” Kitten lifts her head to look at the little girl, she had been playing with her claws before the little girl, and she had fabric around her and everything else she ever needed. The little girl’s smile made Kitten smile as well.

“Yes, little one?” the little girl crawled into Kitten’s lap and Kitten started to teach the little girl how to sew and soon more girls came over. A few boys did come over but to ask her to help them making stuff to play with Foxy. Each night after the dinner closed she would spend time sitting with Freddy, talking about the day, and over time before moving to the new place she started to have feelings for Freddy, but Foxy had feelings too and she backed down, never letting her feelings show. She would take care of the others and even more so with the kids that came in, if one would fall over she would pick the child and treat the boo-boo. 

Miss Kitten
This is not meant to be anything, just an backstory for my FNAF oc, Miss Kitten
I woke up in Foxy's arms, he must of fallen asleep at some point and the movie had stopped and finished playing the whole point that it had ran out of film. The tv was on even after everything, I softly nip at Foxy trying to wake him nicely. He grumbles and rolls away from me and goes back to sleep gives me a chance to sneak out without waking him. I wiggle out and walk towards Freddy, brushing out my hair with my fingers. He glances down at me and see that I needed to talk to him, he steps off the stage and sits before me.

"Yes little one?" I bite my lip slightly and fish out my cell phone, I had goggled them a few days before and saw that there was another one before this place. I pull up the pics of the others and flash it towards him.

"What happened?" He glances away from me and lowers his head, he pulls me close and makes a sound like it almost like a whine. he sighs and leans back and looks back at me.

"You know that Bite of '87 right?" I nod and glance over at the Cove and look back at Freddy. "He didn't do it, Mangle did." I look at him in shock and pull my phone towards me and look though the pics and find a photo of a sad torn apart fox and show it to Freddy.

"This one?"

"Yes, kids used to take her apart all the time and the adults stopped caring and putting her back together and with 'HIM' controlling her, and bit one of the staff. it started everything, but Foxy took it hard due to being so close to Mangle." I stare at the photo and i start to feel things for poor Mangle, so I save the photo and pull the address, I start walking away and glace back at the others.

"I'll be back, well I don't know when...I'm going to find her!" I run outside leaving Freddy with his jaw hanging open.

Day 8

I spent the whole day wandering about trying the places my phone listed as Freddy Fazbear family dinner but each time it is nothing or something else. I kept tracking down junkyards from that time praying that they still had things left over from that time, and if they had gotten the animatronics from that time. I have had no luck with finding her. I grow tried of keep hitting dead ends but I won't give up on trying to find her.

Foxy's P.O.V.

Foxy paced around the cove, where has she gone? He worried that what he said on movie night bothered her and she left for that reason, Freddy would not talk to him and Bonnie seemed on edge lately. It really started to worry me.

"Whar has she gone? Does she not lust me anymore?"
I have been thinking about trying to get Mangle into the story (for those of you that don't keep up with the new game this is Mangle ). And I have been reading a lot of ideas for how the new game is a prequel (just at theory) and I really love Mangle and everything about her (Well the phone guys says guy but there is a screenshot that See Ladies night  is a thing).

I have an idea how to make it work I just wanted to let you guys know that this will start to join my story and a little bit into the fic, she will be in both and stuff.

Foxy looks between you and your sister, he lowers his ears in a mix of fear and confusion. You sigh and step forward and sit on your knees.

“She’s is here to fix you.”

“Foxy, I have been a big fan of yours since I was little. I used to come all the time and I have dreamed of the day that I would get to work on you.” She lifts his paw and looks it over, moving it and testing how it moves now after years of not being taken care of. She looked over his body, hiding the horror she found herself of looking at her hero that she grew up loving. She stands up and turns from him. “I’ll be back before midnight, I have to go get a few things to fix you up and get stuff to clean the others.” She steps off the stage clearly already at work on how she plans on fixing him, although it bothered her that he was in such in bad state. She walks out not noticing that the others are watching her with a strange intent. You look around and chose to help the crew in the dish room, working hard to keep your mind off the idea of Freddy going after your sister. You chat up with the crew while you work, your hands burn from the heat of the dishwasher they had, but it didn’t bother you much at all. It was great talking to other people that didn’t like the big three, not for the same reason but it didn’t matter to you. It was all fun and games until they all left, you told them that you could put the dishes again and take apart the washer (like you are meant to at night) and wash the floors. You glance up to see your sister standing in the doorway giving you that look of ‘are you really cleaning again?’  You grin and finish cleaning the floor, pushing your sister out of the way so you can get what’s left of the floor. You look at the five bags of fur and cleaner, glancing up at the time, it was 11:30. You glanced at your sister as she started to set up for her cleaning of Freddy; you bite your lip and worry as she fills her spray bottle and the cleaning brush.

“Are you really going to stay the night with me? To clean?” Your voice cracks slightly with worry. She nods and starts cleaning the stains on Freddy’s face, you watching in horror. Foxy was watching from his cove was the person he thought was his fan cleaning Freddy, his ears fall and he whines softly, making you look at him. You could see how sad it made him that your sister was cleaning Freddy, but there was a strange feeling you got from watching Freddy, so when it hit midnight it freaked you out when Freddy kneeled before your sister, who screamed and jumps back. If you were watching Foxy you would of seen him dart from his cove and catch her in his arms.  Freddy held up his hands, stopping the others from doing anything, but you screamed anyway. Freddy gave you a dirty look instantly shutting your scream off, he looked at your sister and Foxy.

“Put her down fox.” Foxy places her down and backs away slightly his ears lowered from fear of the bear. “Now Miss, why are you doing this? Not that I am not enjoying it but why are you cleaning us?”

“Oh are you the one they called to fix us?” Chica bounces and hugs your sister, who squeaks but returns the hug, turning into the motherly form that took care of you as a child. Freddy glares at Chika but does not scold her based on how your sister was act, you kept a close eye on your sister in fear that the others would shove her into a suit then you, but it seemed like at the time that she was safe.

“No sweetie I was not called here to fix any of you, but I can’t help fix and clean you guys, I mean you guys, ALL of you were the reason I because the person I am.” Freddy sits on the stage, giving Bonnie a sign that he can relax but not to hurt her.

“What do you mean?”

“I used to come here 20 years ago with my (brother/sister) and I fell for everything about you guys, the way you moved, acted everything!” She lights up as she yammers on about how she fell for them and how she changed her life to becoming the woman that was standing before them. You ignored it again for this happens all the time when someone talks down to her, but you knew her whole story and didn’t really care about she had gone through to get where she was standing at. You chose to make sure that this dish pit was dry and that everything was put away, you guessed that because they were too busy with playing with her so you could get away with a quite night. You went back your desk to relax a bit while you watched your sister clean Freddy and the others….wait where was Foxy? You check your door and fall out of your chair with a yelp, Foxy was standing in the doorway with his ears low and his whole body sagging with his sudden onset depression from your sister suddenly caring about the others more than him. You stare at him shaking slightly, you were not scared but it still freaked you out that he was standing there. He walks into the office and sits at your feet, acting like a sad puppy and sighs, his voice box struggling slightly with the sounds of a sad fox. You pet the top of his head, trying to ignore how gross his fur felt under your hand, but you felt like you had to help him with this. You didn’t speak nor did he, you both just sat there taking each other’s presents, it felt strange to watch a robot fox mope about but at the time you didn’t care since he was not trying to shove you into a suit.

Helping the Fox 3
So here is chapter three of Helping the Fox!

This is not really a true ship fic, its more slice of life type of fic. It will deal with more of Foxy's issues and I am thinking about maybe working into Mangle (I LOVE MANGLE!) sorry......
Yes your sister is really meant to be me, I do have a rather large love of Ai's and anything of that sort. I wanna get Mangle but not the others into this, I'm just not sure how....Dang it. 

So Enjoy!


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It's been so hard lately trying to track down Mangle, I have spent so many hours wandering junkyards in hopes to find her, sure I have found the Toys but no luck yet on Mangle. It started to bother me that I was having such a hard time tracking down this one 'bot, everything was so wrong. I would spend an hour surfing the web looking for data on where she could of ended up but each time I get a lead it ends up being a waste of my time. It worried me that it was taking so long for me to get this far and I worried about Foxy, I left without telling him, nor did I think it was going to take this long to find her. 

Maybe i'll have more luck in the morning!

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